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Hello there,

KB Nau PhotoI’m KB – warrior of wellness, lover of food, and father of 2 young children.

Like you, I care a lot about the well-being of myself and my family.

For them I need to be healthy, strong and able to stay grounded through each day.

For me I need sleep, energy and mental clarity.

9 years ago I had a major health awakening, I realized what I put into my body determined the quality of my well-being. I found out I had food sensitivities and my gut was a mess.

I’d love to help you and your family get energized and healthy too!


KB Nau is a Certified Health (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2009) and Eating Psychology Coach (Institute for the Psychology of Eating, 2012) with 25 years of sales and management experience. After spending 20 years as an actor and performer in New York City, he changed careers and began working in the natural foods industry. He’s cares deeply about the well-being of this planet and future generations. KB is a passionate advocate for healthy living that’s accessible for everyone.

Outside of his work he loves snowboarding, surfing, and traveling the globe. KB lives in Colorado with his awesome wife Karna and two young kids.