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I’m Karna. I’m excited that you’re here!

Maybe you’re a mama entrepreneur like me, looking to have easy access to high quality, organic, vegan, delicious nutrition so that you can be the present mother you want to be and execute your dreams at the same time?

Or, you’re someone who knows the power of good nutrition to create a body that feels good and strong while also looking damn hot!?

Or, you’re so horrified by the current state of affairs and what we are doing to this planet and animals on it?

Whatever the reason, I hope to connect with you so I can share my journey of healing my body and an all consuming eating disorder as well as finding my path to joy with food and hopefully guide you to find your version of healthy – body, mind and soul.

Meeting KB and beginning to use Purium products in 2010 was a huge turning point for me and since then I love supporting health conscious women on their journey through life, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Hello there, 

I’m KB – father, health nut, foodie and salesman. Like you, I care a lot about the wellbeing of myself and my family. For them I need to be healthy, strong and able to perform well at work and my business. To enjoy my life I need sleep, energy and mental clarity. But, it is not always easy to stick with what I know is best for me.

8 years ago I had a major health awakening, I realized what I put into my body determined the quality of my wellbeing. I found out I had food sensitivities and my gut was a mess. Since then I eat whole, organic foods whenever possible, but sometimes it was hard to stay on top of my game – which is why I love having access to the various products and cleanses through Purium.

It’s also a fun business we can grow at our own pace, from wherever we are in the world! To me life is about living and enjoying ourselves, while caring for each other and the planet. Being a part of the Purium revolution is one way I contribute to that end. (Check out this video to learn more about the how Purium brings food directly from the farm to your table.)

I’d love to help you and your family get energized, healthy and abundant too!


KB Nau is a Certified Health (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2009) and Eating Psychology Coach (Institute for the Psychology of Eating, 2012) with 25 years of sales and management experience. After spending 20 years as an actor and performer in New York City, he changed careers and began working in the natural foods industry. He’s cares deeply about the wellbeing of this planet and future generations. KB is a passionate advocate for healthy living that’s accessible for everyone.

Outside of his work he loves snowboarding, surfing, and traveling the globe. KB lives in Colorado with his awesome wife Karna, epic daughter and new baby boy.

Karna Liv Nau is passionate about helping the underserved groups of moms and entrepreneurs “hurt by the hustle” own their power and create a sustainable and joyful life. Combining a mix of health and eating psychology coaching skills and superfoods, she works with moms and entrepreneurs who are ready to be healthy and successful from the inside out and share their gifts, without compromising their values or health.

Yes,  Karna Liv Nau (pronounced “live now”) is her real name and in her spare time she enjoys going back to her home country of Sweden, preferably with her husband and two kids in tow. Karna is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (2009, IIN) and Eating Psychology Coach (2012, IPE).