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Hi mama,

I’m Karna, mama of two amazing children – Zoë and Phoenix.

I’ve been passionate about health since I was in my early teens. As a dancer, I always wanted to know more about food, nutrition and healthy living. This lead me to become a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2009 and I then a Certified Eating Psychology Coach from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in 2012.

I quickly realized that there’s so much conflicting information out there which makes it hard to make informed decisions that are personal and sound, without including much hype and one-diet-fits-all solutions… (That coupled with the INSANE beliefs put on us by society makes for a lot of confusion and pain – especially for women today.)

Struggling with disordered eating, I wanted to find the perfect diet. Until I realized there was NO such thing. I came to understand that what I needed at 18 in Sweden or at 22 in Costa Rica is not what I need when I was nursing my first child, or now my second! 

What I did find where some simple guidelines that has kept me healthy and strong for the past five years. (Read more about how I eat here. – coming soon!)

The best way I have found to be sure my family and I stay healthy and happy are by including Purium products in our diet on a daily basis. Having access to instant high quality nutrition was super helpful to have when I was married and working, but it’s ESSENTIAL now when I’m an entrepreneur and a mom of two small children!  If you are looking to release the baby weight (remember hormones play a big role in your weight when you’re nursing!), feel more energized, build muscle, sleep better or have other health goals I would be so honored to get the chance to help you thrive. Below you will find my favorite programs and products for moms. To learn how these products can help you and your loved ones please schedule your free 15-minute consultation here by emailing me. 

Here’s to healthy + happy mamas and the children who love them,


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